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Jody Holland earned his B.A. in Communications and his M.S. in Psychology.  He has received specialized training and certifications in team-building, leadership, management, and physiognomy (face reading).  Jody’s purpose is to help other’s find their potential so they live a more fulfilled life.

A strong advocate for helping people discover and utilize their strengths to the fullest, Jody has founded several companies with a focus on enhancing the Human Resource processes.  Jody has had the opportunity to train and do business in 14 countries and all across the United States.  Jody has worked with the Fortune 50 as well as small businesses from all industries.  Jody has served on the faculty of UNT, teaching Human Resources to Retirement Home Professionals.  He has been the keynote speaker more than 300 times at conferences and has trained more than 200,000 leaders.  He has been the executive coach for 20+ CEO’s and right at 100 top executives.

Jody is the author of 17 books, creator of a planning system, a journal, and multiple training workbooks, all of which can be found on and  Jody’s books cover topics including face reading, leadership, finding your purpose, sales, time management, personal development, and organizational development.  Jody has co-authored more than 30 training programs on supervision, management, and leadership.  

Jody Has been in business since 1999 and has been speaking professionally since 1994. 

During Jody’s 25+ years of professional speaking, he has been recognized as the communicator of the year, team builder of the year, and most popular speaker at multiple large conferences.

Speaking Samples:

Keynote on The 4 roles of a leader for “The big event” in Corpus Christi 8-7-19

mindset of success at growthcon Amarillo

Current Topics:

    How To Read anyone in 10 Seconds or Less (Face Reading)

    4 Roles of a leader

    Mindset of success

    Accelerate – how to accelerate your success in any business

    The Bold Culture Movement – How to create a culture that inspires greatness in your teams

    Hypnotic selling – how to adjust to your prospect so they always want to buy

Current fees:

    $5,000 plus travel and related expenses per speech



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