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GrowthCon 2022

GrowthCon is the top development program in the Texas Panhandle. It brings together 8 Amazing Speakers each year to build the potential of both you and your team.

What you'll get:

  • Access to the 2021 GrowthCon Speakers as a bonus (valued at $49)
  • Access to the 2022 Speakers, including...

    Erin Palacio, MBA is known for creating amazing cultures, coaching and training leaders to perform at higher levels, and building workforce success. With specialized training in human resources, organizational development, and change management, Erin will be speaking on Calming The Chaos.

    John Luciano is the owner of Street VW and has set record after record for business growth. His Amarillo location has outpaced every other VW dealership in market share and has some of the most loyal customers in the industry. John will be speaking on Building Success Through Relationships.

    Adam Beckner is the owner of Abecks Enterprises, a marketing and branding firm specializing in helping online brands gain traction, build reputation, and become the go-to solution for client needs. Adam will be speaking on Investing In Your Future.

    Lisa Blake is the Executive Director of Leadership Amarillo & Canyon. She has served as a leader in banking, served on City Council, currently coaches leaders from multiple industries, and regularly speaks on a variety of leadership topics. She will be speaking on The Power of Your Influence.

    Jody Holland, M.S. Psych is an international speaker, author, business coach, and radio personality. Jody has helped thousands of people master the skills needed to succeed in business and in leadership. He is the author of 23 books, including Faces of Reality, which teaches you how to read anyone in 10 seconds or less. Jody will be speaking on Your Story - The Spark For Growth.

    Will Ratliff is the Director of Organizational Development at Amarillo College and the founder of Amplyfy Training Solutions. Will is an expert in team building, instructional design, and organizational development. Will is speaking on Emotional Intelligence as a Catalyst for Success.

    Meghan Holland, M.S. Psych has written for papers in Amarillo and Austin. She has a Bachelor's in Journalism and a Master's in Psychology. She will be speaking on Shifting Perspectives To Find Success.

    Mike Grigsby, MBA is the coauthor Turn Me On - Unleashing The Great Presenter In You, and serves municipalities as a digital transformation specialist. Mike has led teams creating change in transportation strategies for large metro areas, shifting thought patterns to create innovation, and creating communication strategies to engage citizens for change. Mike will be speaking on Transformation on T.R.A.C.K.

You will have access for a full year to this content. These speakers are here to help you grow your potential, advance your career, and build the life you desire.