3 Rules for Success

I have had the opportunity to speak to groups all over the United States as well in other countries about accelerating their success in life and in leadership. While there are so many things a person can do to become more successful, there are really just three broad strokes of focus areas, or rules, that matter the most. I am going to share those with you today.

#1: Be in control of yourself.

When you wake up in the morning, you either think about how your day is controlling you, or you think about how you are in control of your day. From a philosophical standpoint, life outside of self is not within our control. We cannot control what others do or think or say. What we can control is what we think and what we do. When you are fully in control of self, your presence is felt by the world. Being intentional about being happy, focused, active, driven, and nice are all choices you make. Within the self, you are only in control of the thoughts you think and the actions you take. The world needs to feel your presence but it does not necessarily need you to voice your concerns. Consider this... your thoughts and actions are all you really need to control in order to live a happy and fulfilled life. Being in control of self is the main difference between a person who is successful versus a person who is not successful. Stop accepting the BS (belief system) that you cannot control yourself. In my programs, I teach people how to take control of their thoughts and shift their focus into one of self-control and success. Simply do what you have to do when you are supposed to do it and stop thinking about whether people will respond to you or not. If you choose not to act, you are choosing to fail. If you choose control over your thoughts and actions, you are choosing to succeed.

#2: Be in control of your technology.

The most successful people in the world check their email only 3 times per day and do NOT spend their time trolling social media for what others think about things. Check your email first thing in the morning and respond to others. Check it again at noon and again at the end of your working day. When you check it, respond to any emails you need to respond to and be done with it. Turn your phone off in the evening, or at least turn it to do not disturb and be fully present with your family. If you are in control of yourself, and you are, you can turn it off. When you are at work, do NOT troll social media or spend your time checking in with the family to see if they are still waiting to check in with you. Be where you are physically and stop letting your technology take your mind to a place you are not.

#3: Invest in yourself consistently.

While each of these is important, I am particularly fond of the 3rd rule for succeeding. Since I first started my business in 1999, I have read at least one book per month for personal development, every month. Some are audio books. Some are printed books, and some are on Kindle. Some of the daily learning I do is on YouTube in the form of great videos. However you like to read and learn, do it! Do it consistently. Each day, spend between 10 and 30 minutes learning and growing. When you do this, it gives you the energy and drive you need to be in control of yourself and your technology. People do not fail because they are incapable. They fail because they are uneducated and lack self-discipline. I know you can read a book a month because I spent a year writing and was able to write a book a month! You simply have to be in control of yourself and your technology and then commit to the personal growth.

My desire for you is that you achieve all that you wish in your business. It isn't about someone else stepping in and building you up. It's about you choosing to step up and do what is required to succeed. Life happens by you when you choose to be in control of self! Life happens to you when you believe the circumstances of your life are in control. Which belief will you choose?

If you are ready to step up, check out some of the books and programs I have put together. The following three resources will have you covered for the next year or two, depending on how committed to growth you are...

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Now Go Own Responsibility For Yourself And Succeed!

Jody Holland

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