A Peek Behind The Curtain

Take A Peek Behind The Curtain

"I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self."


How many times have you heard a person say they wanted to be successful and then demonstrate that they wanted a nap instead? Over the years as an entrepreneur, I have coached hundreds of people who each start out about the same. They each say they desire to be successful, rich, well-known, etc. The proof, however is in their actions. It is in the things they are willing to discipline themselves to do. I do believe that most people express a hope to find and achieve success. I have found as well that most of those same people demonstrate a lack of desire to succeed.

Napoleon Hill said that desire is the starting point for all achievement. He went on to describe this state as a burning desire to achieve a specific end result, a desire that was so intense that it would overcome any procrastination, hesitation, or fear of the unknown. That is an intense desire! That is the kind of desire that moves mountains. When you take a peek behind the curtain of your mind, you are able to see the truth about who you are and what you desire. Pulling back the curtain, you take an honest look at what you are doing with your day and you uncover what the real desires of your mind are. The subconscious is driving creation in your life. It is the storehouse of infinite intelligence and the dwelling place of your beliefs. It is in your beliefs about self that you discover the blueprints for your life.

Og Mandino shared in his book, The Greatest Salesman In The World, "My dreams are worthless, my plans are dust, my goals are impossible. All are of no value unless they are followed by action." If you truly desire to peek behind the curtain in your own mind and discover your real desires, simply study the things you do during each day. You act out your desires the same as each of us do. If you desire harmony, you act in harmony. If you desire success, you act out the things that bring success. If you desire failure, you avoid the actions of success and do the actions of one who fails. It is up to you to determine what your true desires will be, which desires you will allow to govern your life. My hope for you is that you act in the manner of a successful and driven person. Today, you have the chance to begin anew. Take action! Take action directed at success and follow the right beliefs about self. Do this and watch you life begin to change!

To Your Success!

Jody Holland


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