An Army Of Sheep Versus An Army Of Lions

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Alexander the Great once said, "I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army or sheep led by a lion."

An Army of Sheep Led by a lion

We often wonder whether it makes a greater difference to have a great leader or a great team. I believe that Alexander the Great's quote captures the truth about leadership beautifully. It is the leader that creates greatness in others, not the others that create greatness in the leader. Of course, it would be ideal to have an army of lions led by a lion, but you get the point. Leadership is the catalyst needed to unlock the greatness in others.

When you consider the impact you have on the world around you as a leader, there is almost no limit to the ripple effect that you have on others. The manner in which you lead a group of people will determine the experience they have of work and at work. The work experience a person has bleeds over into their after-work time. Their personal lives are impacted by what happened in their working lives. When they go home tired, frustrated, and feeling as if they have not been valued or appreciated, they often take it out on their families. When they do this, the kids will often act out in school because they are not receiving the attention the crave. When this happens, the teachers are more frustrated and have a bad experience of transferring knowledge into young minds. And this can go on and on.

I love listening to the pre-battle speeches in the movies. Marcus Aurelius would inspire his men to give the best of who they were, and they would be willing to give their very lives for him, as a leader. I think people long for the feeling of being truly inspired. I think people crave to live for a purpose, to matter, to make a difference. When you lead with greatness, you have a positive ripple effect on the lives of the people who follow you. They have a greater experience of work, and then invest greatness in their personal lives. As a result, their kids are inspired to be more and do more at school, which positive impacts the teacher and their family. You matter. Your leadership matters greatly! What is the pre-battle speech that moves your team to greatness?

If you are intentional about being a lion of a leader, you will find the greatness in each of the people that follow you. Whether they are sheep, lions, wolves, or kittens, they will be the best version of themselves possible. Your role as a leader is felt in the results you achieve through and with your people. Never underestimate the need to lead with power! And never forget...


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