Become Magnetic!

Even a piece of metal can become magnetic with the right catalyst. Simply pull all of the negative electrons in one direction and reveal a positive pull. Our lives are the same way. When we choose to pull the negative out of the way and reveal the positive, we attract both opportunity and right-minded people into our lives.

Each of us has within us, the capacity to become truly magnetic in our leadership. We have the capacity to inspire, motivate, and pull others into greatness. We are, at times, afraid of the power that know resides just below the surface. We are intimidated by doing what we have seen other great leaders do. The truth, though, is that we will only be truly happy when we develop into our highest self. We must supercharge our leadership and draw others along the path greatness.

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We do this by understanding what a great leader believes. When you want to be great, like another person is, you must be able to believe what they believe. Your beliefs will lead to your thoughts. Your thoughts will lead to your actions. Your actions will lead to your results. You cannot change the results, or the fruits of your behaviors, without first changing the roots that created those behaviors.

Picture yourself going out to an apple tree that is in your yard. You approach the tree and decide that a cherry tree would be much more pleasing. So, you begin to try to put cherries on the tree in place of the apples that you have seen. Each time, you remove an apple and add a cherry. You do this for most of the day. Satisfied with the behavior of placing cherries, you go to bed that night and rest. As you drift off to sleep, you imagine how you will feel when you wake up and the apple tree is now a cherry tree. You think about enjoying new cherries. The next day, you go out to check the progress and see that more apples are forming and that the cherries are not growing or reproducing. You become frustrated and contemplate quitting. After all, you are simply no good at growing cherries.

The problem that exists in this scenario is that you cannot leave the roots (the beliefs) of your tree the same and expect different fruit. If you wish to change the fruit, you must first change the root. What happens if you plant healthy roots for a cherry tree? What if you water it, make sure it has nutrients, and tend to the cherry tree? If you have solid roots, take care of them by continuously investing in them, then you will create cherries, the fruit that you desired.

As a leader, you must go all the way to your roots, or beliefs about self, others, and the world around you. You must emit the kind of vibes that attract others to you and inspire others to follow you. If you don't strip out the negative toward the world around you and replace it with positive, then all you will attract is negative. You cannot create greatness in others without first creating greatness within yourself.

What is it that the greatest leaders in your life believe? What do they think? What do they do? What are their results? Learn to model the entirety of greatness and demonstrate the kind of love and positive energy that the world needs. Begin with you and the world will be attracted to follow!

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