Burn The Boats And Lose The Backup Plan

I can remember the day that this thought first came to me. It was November 1, 1999. I had been in business for right at 6 weeks and things weren't going that well yet. I had been told several times by well-intentioned friends and family that I needed a backup plan, just in case the "business thing" didn't work out. I remember feeling like they were looking at me and thinking... "You can play at this for a little bit, but pretty soon you need to get a real job." It felt like I was letting others down, but more importantly, it felt like I was letting myself down. I knew that I was designed for entrepreneurship. I could feel it in my soul. It was that morning that it hit me. I am not 100% committed to my success, so why should anyone else be committed to me? As long as I was holding onto the wrong things, I would never be able to grasp my true possibilities. That was the moment that I dropped the backup plan. I decided that there wasn't going to be anything else that I did or fell back on or ran to if this didn't work. I was all in!

I had just read the story of Hernando Cortez and how he went all in when he got to the island where he would take the world’s greatest treasure. Cortez made it to the island and then burned his boats before going into battle. This truly became the greatest quest of his life. He needed to know that there was only 2 options. He could go home on his enemy's boats or he could die. There were no other options. It is amazing how hard people will fight when win and die are your only two options.

I needed to have an unquenchable desire for success and the motivation to make it happen. What are the boats or safety nets or backup plans that are in your life that are preventing you from living the fulfilled life that you were designed to live? I would encourage you to trash the backup plan, burn the boats, and make success in your calling the only option. Put everything you have into succeeding and being the very best at what you do. When you take massive action toward your definite purpose in life and have no other backup plan, you have the greatest likelihood of success! If you do this, heaven and earth will move to help you achieve your success.

Burn Your Boats!

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