Business Growth Always Depends on These 3 Things

There are three key things a leader must keep at the forefront of their thought when growing an organization. Without these three, business growth doesn't last. I have seen person after person in charge believe they are a leader simply because they are in charge of others. These are the people that make decisions based on what is best for them, their own self-interest, and not what is necessarily best for the people. There is a definite difference between a leader and a person with a title. Leaders reveal themselves in what they do.

The first thing required of a leader to achieve business growth is that of CONNECTION. Connection is the art and science of building rapport through effective verbal and non-verbal communication. It is not an instant thing with most people. Instead, it is a long-term play to develop a relationship based on understanding and trust. Communication is at the heart of everything we do as leaders. To connect with another person, we must be genuinely interested in who they are. So many people in this world strive to be significant in the eyes of other people but forget to be purposeful in their interactions. If we can provide that significance through our attention to another person, then we have made the world a little better. Connection is about understanding who a person is, what drives them in life, and how they respond to various outside influences. Pay close attention to their non-verbal communication. It is the truth behind what they are feeling and it will help you understand how to adapt to the person in order to help them feel connected with you. Connection takes time and attention and it is worth the investment.

The second thing required of a leader to achieve business growth is SERVICE. Service is not about doing another person's job for them. Instead, it is about investing in the potential of your people so that they can effectively do their job and then the next job and the next with confidence and skill. To serve another is to find a way to pour wisdom into their life for the purpose of raising their potential. We are not of service when we take away the work of a person and do it for them. We are only of service when we take the time to help our teams find their way to success and growth.

The third thing required of a leader to achieve business growth is RIGHT FOCUS. In a very distracted world, it is the leader who knows what to focus on that inspires others to action. So many people in charge are putting all of their time and attention on any way to grow revenues they can. If you are aiming at everything, then you are aiming at nothing. Narrow your focus and pick a niche' that truly represents the heart and soul of the company. Be willing to stand for what matters most and to invest time, energy, and resources in achieving the mission of the organization. I believe that the lack of right focus from people in charge is why so many businesses are failing. When we are fully focused on the things that matter the most in fulfilling our mission, we tend to achieve our objectives. Right focus means staying on track, getting the right objectives accomplished, and keeping the wrong things off of your path.

When you have true connections, act intentionally with a heart to serve others, and maintain right focus in your endeavors, your business cannot help but grow. You will grow and accomplish more in life by know what you truly stand for. Now, go expand your business and change the world by ensuring these three elements are present.

Let's Grow!

Jody Holland


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