Control the Future!

To control the future, one must learn to control only the present.

Our past is simply a set of interpretations we have made, then strung together to give us meaning in the present. And yet, we are only in the present and never in the past. When the labels we have given to our experiences are positive, our present is positive and we tend to take positive action towards the future. When our labels of past experiences are negative, we tend to label our present as negative and therefore tend to shy away from taking positive action towards the future.

This means that the present controls the past and the past controls what we do in the present to create our future. If you choose to live fully into your potential, then you must first make peace with your past. This opens up the possibilities for the future. To make peace with your past, simply choose to label any struggle or setback as a learning experience. Ask yourself, "what did I learn from the experience and how did it help shape me into a better person?" When you ask an empowering question, you get the lesson and tend to apply it in your life in the present.

Your success depends on you choosing to see growth in your struggle. When we exercise, the strain breaks down our muscles and a rebuilding process is required. You gain strength only when you are willing to push your muscles to the point of needing to break down and rebuild. Success is no different. When we push ourselves to the point of needing to rebuild our beliefs, our thoughts, our actions, our outcomes, or any aspect of who we are, we are given the opportunity to become a better version of ourselves.

It does not matter whether or not you have won every time you entered the arena of life. What matters is that you got back in the arena, willing to fight another fight and move yourself forward. Are you willing to grow through the struggles? Are you willing to define your past as the requisite challenge needed to turn you into your highest potential? Are you willing to live in the present, claiming both victory and lessons learned from your past so that you can have all that could be yours in the future? If you are, you are choosing to live into your greatness! Life fully into all that you are capable of!

Control your future!!!

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