Create Alignment For Yourself

One of the most critical steps for you to achieve fulfilled success in this life is that of creating alignment within yourself. This means that you must be clear on three things.

1. What values will guide me in this life?

2. What purpose will I dedicate my life to that is driven by the guiding values?

3. What actions will I take on a daily basis that will demonstrate the values that guide me and the purpose I am pursuing?

These three things are often ignored completely by people in their quest to survive. Survival, however, isn't the objective of this life. Nobody will make it to their death bed and think... Well, I survived until death and that is all I could do. You cannot live a fulfilled life and avoid finding your alignment for the future. To understand your values, you need to sit with your thoughts for a while and contemplate on the things that have been a theme of values throughout your life. When you were a young kid, there were things that bothered you. There were things that inspired you as well. These centered around your values and opened up your understanding of what needed to be true for you to feel that the world was right. The same things likely bothered you or inspired you as you hit your teen years and beyond. For me, it always frustrated me when people did not see their potential and inspired me when someone lived fully into their potential. Therefore, finding one's potential became an important value.

To find your purpose, you take the value, or values that have been your theme and connect them to what you are here to accomplish on this earth. You also need to know why it is important to accomplish what you are here to do. For example, when a person lives into their potential, they live a fulfilled life. This goes beyond mere success and creates a life and a legacy that a person looks back on at the end of their life and is proud of. It creates a life that others talk about and aspire to achieve. This means for me... I am here to help people live into their potential so that they achieve fulfillment in their life. Your statement will be...

I am here to:

so that:

When you put it together in this simple sentence, you will begin to feel into the statement to validate the direction you are going. Don't think about what others might think and don't go around asking people if it sounds like a worthy cause. This is about you and the way you feel from the inside out.

Finally, it is time to align your values and your purpose into something the world will understand... actions. You will have five or fewer things that you need to do on a daily basis in order to achieve your purpose and live into your values. Think about the kind of daily habits or daily actions you could take that make your purpose unmistakeable to others. If my objective is to help people live into their potential so that they live a fulfilled life, then I have to learn something every day, teach something every day, and stretch myself toward my potential every day. When I do these things, others see that I am a living example of my purpose. When I don't do these things, they will see something completely different than my purpose. We are known by our actions, not by our intentions.

My challenge is for you to live fully into your values and your purpose by taking the right actions every single day. When you do this, you find more than success. You find fulfillment.

Live on purpose and with purpose!

Jody Holland

©2018 by Jody Holland, Inc.