Everything Changes When You Say These 3 Words!

Our employees have chosen to go to work for our organization. We have negotiated a deal that both sides can work with. We pay them a certain amount of money and possibly some benefits and they help us generate more revenue than they are paid, so that we can grow and succeed. They help with the process by keeping things on track, buy facilitating work being done, by closing deals, by providing service, and a host of other things. The messaging I have gotten from a number of people in charge over the years is that they don't feel that they need to tell people "I Appreciate You." They feel that they have created a fair exchange of money for work and saying that they appreciate a person would be pointless.

I always find it interesting when people say that because they often want just the opposite for themselves. They want to hear that they have done a great job, that they are valued, and that the work they are doing matters for their boss. They simply struggle to see why they need to provide that for people that are not at their level. Each of works for feelings before we work for cash. You are doing the things you do because it generates the right feeling state in your life. You feel that you are good at what you do. You feel that you are making a difference in the lives of others. You feel that what you do matters. You feel!

Antonio Demasio, in his book Descartes' Error, explains how the lack of emotion eliminates the capacity for decision making. When we are intentionally devoid of positive emotion, we will generate a negative feedback loop in the minds of our people. Emotion is THE key to decision-making. It isn't a part of it, it is the linchpin. This means that our intentionality as leaders to be positive and to say those three magic words will create a measurable difference in the response patterns of our people. Let me ask you a question as I wrap this up... Do you value being right more than you value being successful? That isn't a trick question. Those who value being successful more than being right will chunk their pride and focus on appreciating each of their people for the work they do. As a result, they will get more work and better work from them which will lead to greater success. The choice is yours. Appreciate them or allow your competitor to appreciate them.

I appreciate you reading and sharing this!

Jody Holland


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