Find Your Soul...

The greatest journey one can embark upon is to find one's soul in fulfilling their life's work.

--Jody Holland

I have the opportunity to work with people from around the country on a regular basis and even get the chance to work with people from other countries at times. It is interesting the consistency in the desires of humankind. Regardless of where I am, people are striving to discover what their life's work will be. Some have traded their soul for job that pays really well, and yet they have not found fulfillment. Some have traded their soul in order to please others and do what makes other people happy, and yet they have no peace. The rare few have discovered their soul in the work that brings joy both to the themselves and to those they serve.

The world is best served when we allow ourselves to be our best self possible. This means that the growth is never done, though. It means you and I were meant to struggle forward to attain the next level, to strive valiantly for the opportunity to live into our purpose. The struggle is often the very thing needed to chip away the rough edges, remove the impurities, and define our purpose. If you are like most people, me included, I wondered early on what it was that was supposed to define me. What was my life's work?

Your life's work is not a job, not an accomplishment, not even a family. Those are all things you create along the path. Your life's work is the theme within your life that defines what you stand for and how you contribute positively to existence. Some have a theme of being a voice for others. Some have a theme of helping others achieve their potential (mine). Others have a theme of encouraging those who are downtrodden. This theme that is your soul's journey is what the world needs from you. It is not dependent upon finances. It is not dependent upon affirmation from others. It is dependent only on you living into that right life. When I was young, I found joy in winning because it demonstrated my potential. I also found joy in others winning because it demonstrated their potential. If the discovery and release of potential is my soul's work, then settling for good enough will never bring me joy. My joy is found in pushing myself and others to live more fully, to avoid the distractions that take away from purpose, and to climb continuously toward the ever-increasing summit of greatness. That is why I am here. Why are you here?

I know you have a purpose. You were made to live into your greatness. You must simply discover how it has been revealed to you over the years. And, you must listen to the clues.

As you think about your soul's purpose over the next couple of days, I will leave you with a few questions to guide you in discovering who you were meant to be and how you were meant to serve humanity?

What is something that has brought me joy throughout my life, including when I was young?

What positive action or outcome do I hope to be most remembered for at the end of my life?

How can I use my gifts to serve others?

Without trying to become who my parents, teachers, coaches or others told me to be, but embracing the answers from the first three questions... What is the highest version of myself possible?

Find your soul!

Jody Holland


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