Finding Your Path To Success

Each person has the opportunity to pursue greatness. Not every person will do what is required to achieve greatness though. When considering what you desire to achieve in your life, you must make an honest assessment of what you are willing to give in order to get the life you seek. Emerson made it clear in his essay, The Law of Compensation, that anything of value you desire to achieve requires a trade of value in order to attain it. You must be willing to give of yourself in order to find your path to success and achieve all that you desire.

There are 3 things that illuminate the path to success for any person. When you are able to get out of your own way and live life on purpose and with purpose, you will find that the path has always been there. It has just been difficult to see before you completed the three steps to success.

Step 1: You must build alignment within yourself and your surroundings. Alignment means finding what your true purpose is and ensuring you are surrounded with people who will support you in the pursuit of that purpose. It can often be challenging to stay in alignment with your truth because it is often family and those who have been your friends before you discovered your path that are the least supportive of your dream. What are you here on this earth to do and what should the result of that be? Your statement of alignment will be... I am here to __________ so that __________. My aligned purpose statement is... I am here to help others live into their potential so that they will live a truly fulfilled life. Once you are clear on this, you will need to find people who will build you up, challenge you to live more fully into your purpose, and who will believe in you. This makes it possible for you to move to step 2.

Step 2: Design a workflow that makes success predictable and do it every single day. One of the struggles that is common for most of us in our pursuit of success is that of managing our daily action plan. This plan, or workflow, consists of the actions we must take every single day in order to succeed. Success leaves clues. Those who have already accomplished what you desire followed a workflow that put them where they are today. What did they do? What order did they do it in? At what times did they rise, learn, reach out to prospects, write, etc.? Whatever it is that you wish to accomplish, it is likely that someone has already achieved it. Study them. Model them. Do the work the way they did the work. Your key in step 2 is consistency of execution. This step will both lead to step 3 and be dependent upon step 3 for success.

Step 3: Openly receive feedback. Our egos often get in the way of our success. Your ego says that you did all of this on your own and you don't need anyone else's opinions. Your ego says you have to be right because this business is all about you. The truth, however, is that you need feedback and outside observation in order to have true perspective. People often keep doing the wrong things for years because they don't allow feedback from others. The feedback process is an open invitation to help you understand what is working, what isn't working, and what could be added in to make things better. Find a fantastic coach and allow them to pour into your life and into the growth of your business. Their feedback will be invaluable.

When you execute consistently on these three steps, success is inevitable. When you do not follow the steps in order, success is unlikely. Find your purpose, the work you were put on this earth to do. Model those who have accomplished what you wish to accomplish. Ask for, accept, and apply the feedback you get that will propel you forward. These are the keys to your ultimate success!

Chase your dreams!

Jody Holland


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