Getting Ahead In Life

"Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for." Socrates

When I was a kid, me and several of my friends would have the same conversation over and over again. "What would you do if you had a million dollars?" We would talk about the cars we would buy, the amazing places we would go see, how cool our pool would be in the back yard, and how easy life would be. The one thing I don't remember talking about in those game-like discussions was how to actually get a million dollars. We just talked about what it would be like if it magically appeared.

To earn a million dollars is significantly different than to simply have a million dollars. To earn it, I would need to learn the things that people knew who already had a million dollars. I would need to know how they think, what they do, how they handle their money, and what kind of relationship they had with money. I would need to know what they know. This was not an impossible task in the 1970's when I first remember having the discussion and it is not an impossible task now. If other people have done it, then you and I can do it as well. In reading what other successful people have done to earn their millions, I have seen a few steps that must be followed.

1. See everything in this world as energy. Success is vibrating at a different frequency than failure. There is a buzz about success that simply doesn't exist in failure. Learning to control our thoughts and becoming intentional about operating at a higher frequency places us in a position to be able to receive all that life has to offer. By meditating daily and seeing yourself as one with success, it can become a natural extension of you.

2. Lose the anger and embrace the peace. Those that earn and keep their money tend to have a quiet knowing, or peace about themselves related to success. It isn't something that has to be forced, it is simply a reflection of them. They have success because they are success. They are aligned with the truth that they are going to end up on top and going to be successful. They are not angry at those who have more than them. One can never have that which he/she hates.

3. They have a burning desire toward a specific direction of success. They have a purpose that is bigger than themselves. This purpose, or "why" for existence, is what drives people to get up each day and give their very best. It is the rocket fuel in their motivation engine. It is absolutely critical for their success. When you think about looking back on your life, what do want it to have stood for? For example, I'm the guy you call when you are ready to find your full potential. I want to be remembered for that and I want to have that impact on others daily.

4. They have a solid plan that includes daily habits and specific metrics for measuring their success along the path. It is one thing to know what your destiny is, it is quite another thing to be willing to act consistently in the direction of your destiny. Action is the bridge between what is felt to be true in your heart and what is realized to be true in your reality. I designed a planner called #GSD Planner because I wanted to make sure I stayed on track every single day in pursuing what mattered most. I accomplish incredible things when I am completely intentional about the actions I take every single day.

5. They surround themselves with people who will build them up and who will believe in them. This is often the thing that holds people back. As you move forward in life, you may have to be willing to let go of relationships that keep you from becoming your fullest and most successful version of self. Letting go of toxic relationships positions you to keep your momentum. Holding on to toxic relationships keeps you from moving forward regardless of your effort. Build your tribe of people who love you, believe in you, and want only the very best for you. Use a velvet rope philosophy of only allowing into the party known as your life those that would be on your A-list.

There are a number of strategic actions that must be taken to find success, but these five things seem to be the foundation of creating the kind of life where you can sit around and talk about what you will do now that you have a million dollars. Be the kind of person who would naturally have that level of success. Vibrate as a successful person. Love others, find peace and lose the anger. Have an incredible purpose in your heart, something that the world needs from you. Take action every single day toward your success and get rid of any actions that detract from your success. And, surround yourself with people who believe in you completely! Go out and live into your success by learning what others have done that are already where you wish to be.

To Your Success,

Jody Holland

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