Greatness will come!

"Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come."

--Dwayne Johnson

I remember having a conversation with my grandfather when I was young, probably a freshman in high school. He was telling me about how a person becomes successful in this life. I remember him telling me that I didn't have to be smarter than everyone else. I just had two be willing to work harder. That lesson was probably just something "off the cuff" he was thinking of and not necessarily a deep conversation for him, but it stuck with me.

Throughout my life, I have thought about the amount of sacrifice it takes to be successful. Being willing to forego the pleasure of the moment in order to put in the work has always meant that I was able to achieve more in life. It definitely is not always the fun or easy choice to put in the hours, do the work, make the sacrifice, and push myself beyond what is comfortable. It has always been the thing that created payoff though. Think about your own life. What is it that would bring you greater success if you were to really focus on the work, the consistency, and the trade-off?

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote an essay titled, The Law of Compensation. In the essay, he clearly lays out the truth that whatever we wish to achieve will require us to trade something for it. Everything has a cost and everything has a value. I have been willing to accept the cost of becoming a writer, giving up time and effort and often even sleep. I have accepted to cost of being an entrepreneur, sacrificing the knowledge that someone else is responsible for my paycheck and accepting the stress of finding my own way financially. I have traded my time, my commitment, my intellect, and my resources to make it up the mountain of success.

What are you pursuing in this life? What are you willing to give in order to achieve the success you desire? Do you work consistently toward the summit or do you back down when the climb gets tough? If you commit to the consistency and the hard work now, you will be able to have the life that others wish for but will not have. Work like others won't so that one day you will live like others can't.

Do the work.

Jody Holland

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