How Am I Contributing?

One of the key questions I ask myself is "how am I contributing to the good of the world?" This isn't as tough of a question as one might think, though. I want to make a difference in the world. I want to help people find their fit, their future, and their focus. I want to help people be at peace with who they are and what their future holds. All of this is because I want people to live into their highest potential. This means that I must be willing to see the good in others before I see the bad. It also means I must master the skill of shaping my own thoughts and beliefs.

Each of us has something we were put on this earth to accomplish. For some, it is to be the best salesperson possible. For others, it is to lead with integrity. For me, it is to help people find and live into their potential. I think much of the unhappiness in this world comes from not having the right challenge in front of us. We achieve our greatest potential when we are required to use our skills at the highest level as well as being challenged to grow. Two of the primary human needs we have are growing in our potential and living into our purpose. Our internal happiness comes from achieving these two objectives.

Our contribution is less about the money we make or the business legacy we leave and more about the lives we shape and the personal legacy we leave, which can be in business as well as in our personal lives. I contribute best when I simply live into who I was meant to be, find my peace and joy in my gifts, and build others up. In a world that is desperate for meaning, you becoming your highest self is the very thing the world needs. That is how you and I know that we are contributing what matters most!

Live into your potential!

Jody Holland


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