Mess Things Up!

So often in our society, particularly in business, people think that making any mistake is a bad thing. We punish our employees for making mistakes, beat ourselves up for making them, and criticize others when they do. One of the things we don’t do enough, though, is capitalize on our mistakes. What would happen if there were no more mistakes made in business. I'll tell you... Nothing would get done!

If we aren't making any mistakes, we aren't trying anything. When you have a fire, and use real wood, you leave behind the ashes of the logs. This is the proof that the fire existed. During the time the fire was burning, you received warmth and comfort and a time to exist quietly with people you love. Without the fire, none of that would have happened.

Our mistakes, our ashes, are the proof that we are burning bright in our companies. It is important to clean the ashes out, or learn from them, as we go. You do this by walking through three aspects of mistake recover.

1. Walk through step by step what happened that lead to you achieving the result you have instead of the result you desired.

2. Identify the point in the process that you could have done something different. This is known as the point of attribution, or explanation. This step ensures that you own the previous choices and sets you up to actually learn and grow from the mistake.

3. Map out what you will do different moving forward to ensure you achieve the result you desire instead of the wrong result. This is where you own your future.

Keep in mind that most innovation in this world began from achieving the wrong result and then learning from that mistake. If we don’t make the mistake, we simply do what we have always done and we do not progress forward. If we learn our lessons by following this 3-step process, then we grow and take ourselves to a higher level. I would encourage you to make mistakes, learn what to do differently next time, and grow into the best person possible!

Make A Mistake…

Jody Holland

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