New Habits - New Results

You can't achieve new results using old habits of thought and action.

Many of us get stuck in the rut of always doing what we have always done and wondering why other people are moving forward in life when we feel stuck. Whether you are talking about your sales in business or your relationships, you are the creator of your results. You can't expect to get a better result than the effort and strategy you have used to achieve the current result.

Consider this... A salesperson who brings in one new client a month has a strategy they use to achieve that. A salesperson who brings in 4 new clients a month has a strategy they use as well. Very seldom is the difference between the two based on actually being "naturally" better at sales. The same is true for a person who has an okay relationship with their spouse versus a great relationship with their spouse. We achieve the outcomes we achieve based on our habits of thought and action.

Step back from your life for a minute and imagine you are an outsider looking in. If you were evaluating the habits you have on a daily basis, would you say the habits of this person you know as you are ones that would predictably create success, mediocrity, or failure? If you can remove the emotion from the evaluation, you can get a clear picture of what is going on and what might need to change in order to find the success you desire.

A simple formula I use to create better habits is...

What is the outcome I desire?

What habits, or daily actions, does someone already achieving those outcomes take that allows them to predictably get the results they are getting?

What do they believe about themselves while performing the daily actions?

How do they carry themselves while performing the daily actions?

Outcomes = Actions X Beliefs X Physiology

You cannot achieve new outcomes using the wrong actions, beliefs, or physiology (physical presence). This is a multiplication formula, not addition. This means that if you skip any part of the equation, you are putting a zero in that spot. Anything times zero is zero.

I want to challenge you to model someone who is already achieving what you want to achieve. You are not copying them. You are modeling their beliefs, daily actions, and physiology. I believe you will be able to achieve the results you desire when you follow the right formula for success.

Achieve Greatness!

Jody Holland


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