Of the Father

"Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire that transcends everything."

--Napoleon Hill

Winning begins with desire

To truly desire something requires that we see past any of the obstacles that might be in front of us. The word desire has its origin in de-sire, or of the father. We are given our desires from a greater source than self. Those desires drive us to perform as long as we are able to focus on the desire, or the end point, itself. When we are focused on the things in front of us that stand between where we are now and where we wish to be, we lose sight of the gift of our desire for success. What obstacles are clouding your view of your end goal?

When I was 9 years old, I began taking martial arts. A few months in, we were introduced to the skill of breaking boards. The first time we tried to break a board, it was sitting on two bricks with the edges of the board on the bricks. We were told to punch through the middle of the board. As a 9 year-old, you might as well have told me to punch through a car! It seemed impossible. But, I was told to try, so I tried. I hit that 1-inch thick board 5 or 6 times until my knuckles were aching. Finally, my instructor was making his rounds and asked me how it was going.

I was honest with him and let him know the board was impossible to break. He asked me where I wanted to punch, which was an odd question. I told him I wanted to punch the board. His reply was, "that is why it won't break." He went on to explain that aiming before the goal was what was keeping me from breaking through the barrier. If I would simply aim at the ground and desire to punch the ground, I would be able to break the board with ease. I looked at the board and then at the ground and then focused on looking through the board to the ground. Once I was able to see the ground instead of the board, I aimed at my new target and sliced easily through the board. It was so easy that I could not figure out why it seemed so impossible before.

Our desires in life are the same way. They are the end point on the other side of the obstacles. We have to be so tuned in to our desires that we cannot see the obstacles in front of us. Since that time as a 9 year-old, I have broken multiple boards, cinder-bricks, and more. I have also broken through barriers that other people have set for me, accomplished things that I was told were impossible, and focused beyond the limitations set for me. You can accomplish anything you desire in life if you are willing to look past the blocks in front of you and keep your desires and your vision focused on the end game.

Today's Success Mantra: Today I will focus on my desires and the achievement of those desires. I will see right through any roadblocks that try to get in front of me. I will succeed because that is the only destination I will allow myself to see!

To Your Success!

Jody Holland


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