Strategic Deception and a Cure...

You are who you are and where you are because of the series of choices you have made in life. That was a statement made to me when I was at my lowest point in business. Funny how being low in business often takes you down personally as well, isn't it? I hated the guy who told me that and yet, I knew it was true. I made the decision to go into business for myself. Nobody forced me. I made the decision to buy into the things I had bought into. Nobody forced me. I made the decisions that put myself and my business in a place of financial struggle. It wasn't anyone else. I knew the truth, but I hated the truth and the strategic deception felt much better.

If you are like I was, you have either been in that place or are in that place right now where it feels horrible to accept the truth about your situation. It can be tempting to blame other people, society, circumstances, the government, or anyone/anything else but yourself. The truth is, you are powerful! You are powerful beyond what you have imagined. This power comes from accepting that you are in charge of creating the life you want and you have created the current life you have. When we move away from believing that life is happening to us and embrace that life is happening by us, we become powerful in everything we do. This shift in B.s. (Belief systems) is the first step to overcoming the other B.S (you know this one). that has been holding you back in your life.

Lack, limitation, unworthiness, despair... those are all a part of the strategic deception that your mind has created to make it okay to not try, to not possibly fail, to not embrace the full potential that exists inside of you. When you wake up, your first and most important job is to visualize the greatest version of yourself, along with your ability and desire to work toward that objective. At noon, you need to take time to visualize that same greatness as being already in existence. At night, you need to feel what it is like to be the greatness you desire as you drift off to sleep. This imagery is experienced in the mind as truth. Your subconscious doesn't distinguish between strategic truth and strategic deception. It simply acts to create the vision you have given it. If you will stop, right now, and create this image of who you are at your highest potential, then practice seeing and feeling into this image at least 3 times per day, then accept that your choices and actions will determine what happens next, you will own your future. You get to choose. Not choosing on purpose is to choose not to move forward. You get to act, for action is the bridge that connects the vision to the reality.

The great deception is that you are not in control of yourself. The great truth is that you have always been the creator of your own destiny. Kill the strategic deception and be the cure for your own life. You simply have to choose and then act on that choice!

Choose Strategic Truth!

Jody N Holland

©2018 by Jody Holland, Inc.