This life may self-destruct in 3 seconds...

Life is not an impossible mission, but we often make it into just that. We look at the things facing us and we wonder if we have what it takes to make something of ourselves in an overwhelming situation. We create an image of ourselves trying to push past the B.S. and into the light of success, and we often come up short with our imaginings. Until we can see ourselves beyond the struggle, we subconsciously find ways to drag ourselves back down. Knowing you are worth it, knowing you have worked for your success, knowing you have been willing to sacrifice to attain the object of your desire is what sets you apart from those who simply self-destruct repeatedly.

I do realize this is not a warm and fuzzy topic, but it is one that people deal with every single day. Almost every entrepreneur I have worked with has talked about the demons of doubt and self-criticism they face. Some cover up their insecurities with arrogance and over-intellectualization. Others cover it up with hours of work, while others dress it up like success and put on a good face for the rest of the world. What each of us is looking for is peace. We simply look for it in achievement. Self-doubt and self-criticism in this world of achievement can push a person to either crumble and cover up their pain with self-medication, or to cover it up with work and showmanship, or possibly to find peace without regards to their circumstances.

I think about people like Robin Williams, who was one of the most amazingly talented people I had seen as a performer. Even he was not immune to the struggle. I think of this struggle like a demon sitting on one shoulder throwing arrows of doubt into our minds. It tells us we are not enough. It tells us that other people will hate our work, or that we don't deserve success because it wasn't hard enough. It tells us that there is no point in following up with the client, getting our work done on time, or exceeding the expectations of others. After all, this life may self-destruct anyway. Self-doubt leads more people off the cliff of self-destruction than anything else I have dealt with.

There is a way out of this, though. Step one is to own your choices. Don't blame anyone or anything outside of you for where you are in life. When you can fully own your choices, you can fully own your pathway out of self-doubt. You are not a creature of your circumstances. They are simply the result of a series of choices in your life. Step two is choose to live differently than you did when you got yourself into self-destruct mode. Diet, exercise, minimizing caffeine and alcohol and avoiding all tobacco and illegal drugs will help your body to level out. It takes a clear body to have a clear mind. Step three is to set daily habit goals that achieve progress toward your weekly, monthly, and annual success goals. Focus on the process every single day and the rest of life will take care of itself. Step four is to surround yourself with people who are already on the path to success. When you do this, find a way to contribute to their life. Don't just take. Giving begins the flow of abundance. Step five, recommit every single day to the daily habits of success. Journaling is a good way to keep your thoughts in front of you. End every journal entry with a commitment to daily success habits and to living your best life... without self-destruction. The final step is tough for some people. Step six, let go of hating anyone. If you hate rich people, you will never be one. Your subconscious will self-destruct any path toward something or someone you have chosen to hate. You can never have that which you hate. Fill your heart and mind with love for everyone, even those who don't think like you. Do these steps and you will find your mission to be quite possible!

I Accept My Mission!

Jody Holland


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