This thing called reality...

Albert Einstein once said, "Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

What is real? What is made up? How much of your life was written for you, possibly without you even realizing it was being scripted on your behalf? These are the kinds of questions I wonder about as I study the makeup of the mind and the psyche of success in one's life. It is interesting to think about how we "know for sure" that we are a certain person with certain beliefs that area absolutely true. The thing is, how can you really know what is true, or absolute?

Reality itself is a web of stories that you have accepted throughout your life. You are good at this and not good at that. You have good eyesight or you have a struggle with self-esteem. You are a depressed person or perhaps things go really great up to a certain point and then things go wrong. Maybe you are always lucky and things just work out for you. Whatever your story is, it is simply that, a story. It is a set of labels that you have accepted as the fabric of your being. If you want a new story, it can be created. The caterpillar did not accept the initial story of its existence. It lived its life as a caterpillar until it decided it was meant for more. It took itself away from its current state and surrounded itself with a better narrative. And when it emerged, it was incredible! There was no resemblance to the old. All was made new. Through the changing of its psyche, it changed its physical reality.

Think about the lesson that exists in this simple creature. If you are not happy with your existence, change the narrative. Change your psyche, your story about you. Most people cling to the unhappiness of their old story without ever attempting to change the story. I often think about the people in this world who have achieved the things I desire to achieve. I think about the storyline of their lives. It is not a separation of intelligence or drive or upbringing that has them at the top and another person still on the ladder. It is simply the narrative they accepted for their life. What is the story that you are telling yourself about you? What do think the storyline is of those whom you look up to? Could you change your story, you know, if you actually wanted to? Do you want to?

Transform your story!

Jody Holland


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