What the heck happened?

Success is no accident! It is the result of aligned beliefs, willingness to learn, willingness to study the greats, and a strong belief in self.

So often I see people wondering what in the heck happened to their life. When they were young, they had ambition and desire to be successful. As they grew and learned, they begin to think that it was wrong to fail, so they started playing it safer and safer. They avoided risks and began to think that success was something you were either born into or you were not. There is nothing further from the truth! Success is something that is attained through a few simple strategies. They are not necessarily easy, because they require a person to give up the need to be right in order to be successful.

1. Be willing to change yourself in order to attain the life you desire. This is the one that most people never get past. They want to remain who they have been, doing what they have been doing, and magically become successful despite doing the wrong things. Being willing to change yourself is the only way to change your circumstances.

2. Be willing to study the masters. Those who are already successful are to be admired, studied, and learned from. They are not to be hated for where they are in life. You will never have what you hate in another person. Look at the best of the best and discover what their beliefs are, what their daily thoughts are, what their habits are, and what their strategies are. Then, do what they have done. Don't try to be them, but do the things that have worked for them.

3. Believe in yourself enough to take the necessary risks. My observation over the last 20 years of executive coaching is that many people are simply too scared to take even calculated risks. People are often too attached to their self-protection to be willing to look dumb, look like a failure, or look like they might not know what they are doing. This fear kills one's ability to succeed. Step out of your comfort zone, risk failure, and dare greatness!

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Jody Holland


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