Where Your Heart Is...

The heart of a company is their culture. Their culture is what guides and directs and shapes the very future of who the company will become. It also defines who the people within the company will become though. When we think about the lives we have determined to live, we imagine the way we will feel about ourselves within a given life. This is finding our heart within this life. Right now, the majority of employees are not happy with their work but they would like to be. What they would really like is to know the organization has a heart and isn't solely focused on the profits they can get by overworking their team and/or using unethical practices.

90% of employees are more likely to stay with an organization that empathizes with their needs (Businessolver). This means that we must find a way to build a compassionate heart in the work that we do regardless of our industry. I believe that the first job of a leader is to take care of their people. The second job is to fulfill the mission of the organization. The third is to take care of the customer. Later in the process, we are to make sure we make great money. The thing is, though, money is the byproduct of doing those first three things. It cannot be the goal itself.

From the book, Good Business, any organization that has money as the primary objective will eventually become unethical in their decision-making. Our decisions will always stay in alignment with the heart of what we truly believe. This is a hard statement for businesses to swallow because we are pushed so hard by people at the top, competitors, investment groups and boards to keep the focus on profit before all else. The idea that we would compromise our values in order to fulfill the requests of the profit gods seems crazy but it is happening all the time. From the same book, the businesses that last are the ones that keep their heart in the right place, that love on their people, and that have a true mission in life.

My hope is that the heart of business can come back to fulfilling a mission. My hope is that by building a culture with heart, we can find our way back to caring about the people we serve within the company as well as outside of the company. My hope is that we do this before it is too late. The Mighty Fall when they chase the wrong mission, give up a culture of heart and choose to put money in front of all else. There is plenty of money out there and it will chase down the companies that live fully into their mission. It will eventually run away from the companies that try to keep a stranglehold on it. After all, where your heart is... you will find both success and fulfillment.

Find Your Heart!

Jody Holland



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