You down with OPP? Yeah, You Know Me...

“He, who every morning plans the transactions of the day, and follows that plan, carries a thread that will guide him through a labyrinth of the most busy life.”

--Victor Hugo

Have you ever said the statement, "I just don't have time"? So many of us feel overwhelmed with what life throws at us. Our jobs are more demanding today than we can ever remember. There are more activities for our kids that we, as parents, are supposed to attend. There are just so many things to do and so little time to do them. In order to live the life you desire, you must begin by living each day in the right manner. After all, it is our succession of days that determines a life well-lived.

There are three critical components to master in order to have an incredibly productive and satisfying day. When you are intentional about building your day the way you want it, you are best prepared to succeed at this game called life.

O - Organize your day before you start it. One of the greatest frustrations we have is being pulled in all different directions. When we organize our day before it starts, we create a protective barrier around our time. In your organization, don't create to-do lists though. If something is important, schedule it. We tend to do what is on our calendar but we often skip over or put off what is on a to-do list. I organize my day by setting my intention about who I will be on that day. "I am" is the start of the sentence. For example, I am helpful. I then map out my three key focus areas. These are broad brush strokes for for my day and what it will mean. Then, I put the important things on the calendar. This leads us to the next step.

P - Prioritize the things that matter most. This aspect is often a struggle for people because we know that our families matter greatly but we also must be profitable in order to support our families. Balancing your priorities is about hitting the most important aspects of each. It also means that you focus on what is in front of you and not what is after that. When you are at work, be fully focused on the things at work. Follow your schedule and get those things done efficiently and with as little interruption as possible. When someone stops by and says, "Have you got a minute," respond with... "I can give X number (specific number) of minutes right now. If you need more than that, let's get something on the calendar." I normally keep the allotted time to 7 minutes or less when I respond. This ensures that people get to the point and are not there just to chat. This leads us to the last point.

P - Perform at your best where you are at. When you get home, don't still be at the office mentally and emotionally. Your mental, emotional, and physical presence is required in order for you to perform effectively. Think about how well you perform at work when it is the day before vacation. You knock out project after project to ensure that you can leave without worrying. Imagine soaking up all of the greatness of being truly with your family when it isn't working time. Imagine performing at that top level when you are at work each day. When you went to work for an organization, you committed to trade the best of who you were during working hours for the money they offered. When you live into that highest level of performance, you have the greatest likelihood of success. You were never hired to be the "whiner in residence" or the person who gave some of their effort. Your family wants you to be all of who you are capable of being at home as well. Let go of the lie that you have nothing to offer and embrace the truth that you have amazing things to offer. You do have time to do what matters!

You've got this! I know you're down with OPP!

Jody Holland

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