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There is an emotional engagement that happens with our teams when we lead with the right intent, using the right skills, built on the right purpose.


Rachel's Story

When Rachel committed to go through the program and immerse herself in mastering the skills in the Leadership Academy, she saw dramatic positive results with her team. They went from the 4th lowest performing division in the hospital group she is a part of, to the highest performing group on all quality metrics in 8 months.

Had she not done something different, she would have been on her way out because of a lack of inspired performance from her team. She had already been put on a performance improvement plan simply because she had not been given access to buildĀ herĀ skills as a great leader!

Before Rachel joined the Leadership Academy, she was frustrated with her lack of results in her team and wondering if she was enough. She was ready to give up on being a leader, assuming that people either are born leaders or not.

Now, she is confident, driven, and happy. Her team performs consistently and is breaking records within a group that has more than 100 locations around the country! She loves leading her team and they love working for her! There is no doubt that her company has big plans for her continued growth and for more opportunities to lead at even higher levels!

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