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We focus on helping organizations attract, develop, and retain great people. Our primary focus is on the skills required to supervise, manage, and lead others in all facets of their business.

The point of training is to create positive outcomes for the organization. We focus on creating the ROI you desire from your investment in your people. 

We understand that improvements in employee retention and performance divided by your investment in your team is the net ROI. We always strive to create a strong multiplier of positive outcomes for you and your organization.

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The Leadership Collaborative

In today's competitive business world, investing in and developing your people is not just an option; it's a strategic necessity. The Leadership Collaborative is more than just another online course... It's a pathway to unlocking the full potential of your team.

There are 3 approaches to leadership development: leadership done by you, leadership done for you, and leadership done with you.

The Leadership Collaborative takes on the approach of "leadership done with you." This empowers you to take the reigns of leadership within your organization and helps you cultivate a culture of success.

The course offers 120 leadership tips designed to make you an expert on effective leadership. By having short lessons that can be implemented each week, followed by meaningful discussion or activity, we create the highest likelihood of positive change.

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With a B.A. in Communications and an M.S. in Psychology, Jody Holland is a highly qualified and experienced professional with specialized training and certifications in leadership, online instruction, course design, team-building, management, and personnel testing. As a leader in building bold and successful cultures that lead to increased engagement, retention, and profitability, Jody has a proven track record of helping organizations achieve greater success and fulfillment. With extensive experience training and doing business in 14 countries and across the United States, Jody has worked with companies ranging from the Fortune 50 to small businesses in a variety of industries.

With over 300 keynote speeches at conferences, both in-person and virtually, and more than 250,000 leaders trained, Jody is a sought-after speaker and executive coach. He has personally coached hundreds of top executives and is the author of 23 books, including books on leadership, time management, sales, personal development, and organizational development. Additionally, Jody has co-authored more than 30 training programs on supervision, management, leadership, sales, and service. His books can be found on