October 22, 2021

GrowthCon is the premiere personal and professional development event in Amarillo, TX. Join us for amazing speakers, great networking, and the boost needed to take your career and your life to the next level!

79% of people indicate they quit their job because of a lack of appreciation!

One student, Rachel, was able to decrease her turnover from 70% to 11% after completing the Leadership Academy. This crushes the industry standard of 42%. If you are ready to be the leader others want to follow, Leadership Academy will equip you with the skills to achieve incredible results like:

All of these while creating leaders that are significantly less stressed and less burned out!

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Everyone deserves a workplace where they love their coworkers and leaders, and they are inspired by their work.

Our Leadership Development strategies consistently increase profits, engagement, and retention,  while building a bold and positive culture  that results in happy employees that attract more happy employees.

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Working with Jody Holland, Inc.

C Jones - Ardent Hospital

Jody is a must-have resource for your employee and leadership development programs. He engages and relates to people in a fun and honest way to create positive change in your organization.

A Ruel - City of Amarillo

AWESOME speaker and extremely motivational with a fun, humorous, interesting, insightful delivery! I enjoyed his 2 sessions taught at our Amarillo TRAPS Regional convention, Transformational Leadership and Building an Effective Team! I so wish he could help us develop our summer camp team/staff! I left feeling optimistic and armed with some good ideas on how to make changes in my own little niche, my own small community center. Highly recommended!

N Gann - Juliette Fowler Communities

Jody thanks for your facilitation, insight and inspiration through the Leading Age Texas Conference! I've had the pleasure of hearing you present on multiple occasions and I always leave with something new. Thanks for sharing your passions and gifts!

All of our available books...

I remember the first day I was a supervisor. I had been friends with the people I was now going to supervise. That moment that I crossed the threshold from coworker to supervisor, the view my friends had of me changed. It wasn't that I changed. I hadn't even had the chance to change. It was that they began to see me differently, as a threat, or an outsider. That was the moment I vowed that I would learn all I could about managing and leading others. The book is the culmination of my experiences in coaching supervisors, managers, and leaders since 1994. I have taken the things that work and get results and distilled them into a book that is easy to understand, easy to read, and readily applicable in any industry. In this book, you learn the 12 core skills of a great leader, the difference between leading and managing, and how to continue to enhance your leadership journey. You will learn the difference between managing and leading teams in chapter 1. You will learn about values-based diversity and generational change in chapter 2. You will learn about what drives or motivates people and how to implement motivational practices in chapter 3. You will learn how to communicate, including listening, and setting clear expectations in chapter 4. You will learn the S.O.F.T. model of coaching in chapter 5. You will learn to B.F.I.R.M. and resolve conflicts in chapter 6. You will learn corrective counseling and advanced behavior change in chapter 7. You will learn to set, track, and achieve your goals in chapter 8. You will learn to solve problems, do research, and find the right answers in chapter 9. You will learn to manage the decision-making process in order to avoid groupthink in chapter 10. You will learn to build a high-performance team in chapter 11. You will learn to build a strong culture based on ethics and values in chapter 12. You will learn to manage priorities and ensure you make time for the things that matter most in chapter 13. You will learn the next steps required in order to continue advancing your leadership skills in chapter 14. By going through this book, you will acquire the skills to reduce turnover, increase employee performance, and create greater levels of success for yourself and your organization.

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Every leader in business or life today has to learn how to develop into their greatest potential. The word "Evo" represents a continuous growth toward success. In this book, you will learn the skills of an evolved leader. Choosing to master these skills will likely mean the difference between a lifetime of leadership success or continuous frustration. If you are looking at this book now, I believe that you are the kind of person that truly desires to make a difference in the world and in your organization. You will learn... --How to create a rhythm of success for your life --How to communicate in such a way that others are virtually hypnotized by your style --How to turn your team and your customers into evangelists for your cause --What the stages of leadership evolution are and how to recognize where you and your team are now --How to become truly magnetic as a leader, so that others cannot help but follow you --How to create clarity of thought and action with your teams --How to create accountable and engaged followers --And, how to solidify the transformation of your organization By learning the key skills of an evolved leader, you will be able to replicate your own success by developing these skills in your managers and team. There is a rhythm that each of us falls into with our lives. Bruce Lee talked about this rhythm in his book The Tao of Jeet Kune Do. We can create a rhythm of success or a rhythm of failure for our lives, but we will have a rhythm either way. Each of us must master the progression of learning from unconsciously unskilled to consciously unskilled to consciously skilled to the highest level... unconsciously skilled. The objective is to make your success characteristics a natural extension of who you are. This book is a practical guide that will get you where you want and need to be in order to attain success at your highest level in life. As you read this book, get an image in your mind of the leader that is perfect. Take a moment to blend that picture of the perfect leader with the picture of you living into your highest self. Once you have created your image of personal success, focus on living into that image and becoming the person that you are truly capable of being. That is my desire for you, that you live into your most evolved version of self. 

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Judo, in its origin, was about the redirection of negative energy into one's chosen outcomes. It is more than physical self-defense, though. It is a way of thinking about life, challenges, and obstacles. 

In My Judo Life, the main character, Cody Stephenson, takes us through the challenges that life throws at us in a way that helps expand our possibilities for success. His struggles end up being the very thing he needs in order to live the life he has always wanted. Not everything that is a struggle ends up being negative. Some struggles, Cody discovers, are the catalyst and momentum needed to take his life to a much higher level. Living a Judo Life is about facing your challenges head-on and using the momentum of the challenge itself to propel yourself and your success to much higher levels.

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The Smart Accelerated Success System (A.S.S.) For Your Business Strategy (B.S.) is a model to put nitrous into your success engine. This book contains the tools of thought to move you past any blocks in your life and propel you into the greatness that has always been inside of you. Each time you read the book, a new lesson will appear to you, unlocking the secret to your next level of your success! Having read more than 1,000 books on success, leadership, sales, and business strategy, Jody Holland has distilled the best strategies that have created achievement for himself and the hundreds of entrepreneurs he has coached. Dive into this fun, witty, and easy-to-devour book on achieving the most successful version of your life possible and see how life expands for you. By the time you finish the book, you will understand the psychology behind the law of attraction and will have practical steps that will help you unlock your potential. Using these principles, Jody has helped countless business owners, entrepreneurs, and home-based businesses to achieve significantly more than they previously thought possible. If you are ready to take your life and your business to the next level, grab this book, apply the lessons in your own life, and watch the world around conspire for your success.

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Finally...the underground secrets of a sales and persuasion master are revealed! Based on the science of physiognomy (Face Reading), you can master the art and science of connecting with anyone, even at the first meeting.

No more awkward conversations with prospects or sweaty palm conversations with employees or underperforming team members. With over $50 million of combined net profits for companies I've worked with and more than 20 years of coaching high-performing executives on how to reduce turnover, increase employee engagement, stimulate corporate culture, and boost net profit, it's time I wrote a book about my proven tool for success...Face Reading. This time-tested science gives you so much more than simple insight into the people around you. It can reveal how a person is motivated, how they feel loved, how they make decisions, even how they judge themselves. Even deeper, it reveals past experiences that have changed a person's perspective and lets you know when those shifts happened. Faces of Reality is about teaching you how to instantly connect with any person you encounter within 10 seconds of meeting them and have them hang on your every word. It equips you to see past the masks people wear in life and peels back the curtain of their psyche to see who they really are at their core. Jody Holland shares his success formula and equips you with the tools to help you achieve your own personal success, engage, retain, and recruit top-performing employees, and build healthy and strong relationships.

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A Life of Miracles is the chronicling of a journey through A Course In Miracles. The first 60 lessons are covered in this book, along with my thoughts on how to apply the lessons in a search for greater levels of fulfillment.

In the first 60 lessons, you gain perspective on how to look at life itself. You learn that you have complete control over how you label the events and experiences of your life. By studying and applying the lessons, you learn to let go of past hurts, current struggles, and limitations on yourself. You learn to accept peace as your natural state.

Each of us is seeking peace. Each of us is seeking a pathway to the life that we know deep in our gut is possible. The simple wisdom of the Course is... Nothing that is real can be threatened. Nothing that is unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. Welcome to the journey towards peace, joy, fulfillment, and recovery!

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Great Leaders Don't Set Out To Be A Leader... They Set Out To Make A Difference. It's Never About The Role. It's Always About The Goal.

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