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Jody Holland received his B.A. in Communication and his M.S. in Applied Psychology from Angelo State University.  Jody is the author of 19 books and more than 30 training programs.  He is a master-trainer in team-building, leadership development, entrepreneurship, and behavioral sciences.  He has delivered the keynote speech for more than 250 conferences, done hundreds of break-out sessions and has trained more than 200,000 leaders from all industries.  Jody’s company does business in 14 countries and across the United States. He has taught college classes, helped entrepreneurs and business leaders achieve incredible business growth, and has created bold workplace cultures that resulted in engaged employees generating great profits for the organization.  His mission is to help leaders and businesses achieve their full potential while living fulfilled lives.

"Jody is a positive, focused, energetic leader who is ability to assist clients in refining the processes they use to increase productivity has been enjoyed by clients in a wide range of industries for over two decades."

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