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Leadership Academy exists because every leader deserves a devoted team.

In the Leadership Academy, you will master the skills that…

  1. Engage your team
  2. Achieve the Results You Desire
  3. Attract and Retain Top Performers

Two Ways To Participate For One Price...

We offer the 12-week online program with 12 live Q&A calls to ensure the integration of the skills into your leadership practice. Additionally, you will have a seat at a 3-day Intensive leadership program that is taught live. You will be able to attend in the same quarter that you purchased or as a refresher up to four quarters after the date of your purchase. You can send your whole team to the same 3-day Leadership Intensive or spread them out over several quarters, based on what is best for your organization.

Managers account for at least 70% of the variance in team engagement and heavily influence employee health, both mentally and physically. It has been demonstrated repeatedly... employees don't leave companies, they leave bad managers.


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Great Leaders are always looking for who to raise up in their next generation of leaders and what system will get them there the quickest with the best outcomes.

Are you one of those leaders who is seeking ways to increase the capacity and success of your leadership team?

We are in a time of transition. We are transitioning from one generation of leaders to another. We are transitioning from one way of doing business to a new way. We are in a world that is facing challenges that didn’t even exist 12 months ago, nor could they have been truly predicted. This takes very specific skills from a leader in order to create success moving forward.

Generational differences in how people were raised are playing out in the workplace today. What your team experienced in their childhood, whether they worked by the age of 10, what the expectations of their parents, teachers, and coaches were, all of this plays out in their development into a leader. Time and time again, we hear that great companies simply want people who are critical thinkers, who take the lead in creating success for their team. We also hear the frustration in their voices as they explain that they don’t have the outcomes they are looking for with their up and coming leaders.

We get that it is stressful to develop people and to get them bought into your vision. There are lots of people in business today who have been promoted without first learning how to be a leader. I have heard this being described as being promoted to one’s level of incompetence.

Lots of companies don’t have developed leaders that will inspire greatness in others. Their leaders were simply promoted because that was what was next, their next level,  or even because it was a way to retain them. But if we don’t train them, we won’t retain the people who report to them. Just being there for a while or being good at something unrelated to leadership, however, isn’t really a reason to put someone in charge of others. That’s where having the right leadership development partner comes in.

Going from Good to Great is a process. It isn’t just some catch phrase from a Jim Collins book. The difference, according to research, though, is as much as 20 to 1. Great companies who develop their leadership teams make 20 times the net profit of good companies. Bad companies typically make no profit, or so little that they are barely surviving if they do survive. 

How much of your profitability are you willing to sacrifice by not developing the right skills in your people? If you are like most great companies today, you won’t want to give up anything you could have.

Moving forward, success will be more than “only the strong survive.” Success will be... “only the greats survive and they are great because of the way they are led.” 

So how is that you become one of the greats and not only survive, but thrive in any situation? The answer is... through your people.

One 3000 employee company we recently finished implementing the Leadership Academy with has reduced their turnover from 42% to 12%, increased their employee engagement scores by more than 20 points, and achieved a net increase in profits more than 500 times what they paid for the program. A smaller company with 100 employees that we just finished taking all of their leaders through the program had a 100X ROI on their investment in their high-potential leaders.

Even greater than the increase in profits, we have seen an increase in engagement, performance, fulfillment, and a true drive towards purpose. At the end of the day, when your people become the leader they would follow, our leadership blueprint will help your company and your team thrive regardless of the circumstances going around you. Our Master Instructors will help you build something that lasts for generations to come. He have built 10’s of thousands of leaders over the last 20+ years and we are ready to help you and your team thrive as great leaders as well. Let Jody Holland, Inc. reduce your turnover, increase employee engagement, 100X your investment in your leaders, and secure the success of your company.

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