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Are you looking for Leadership training for your team that will inspire, motivate and help their growth?

Jody Holland is excited to collaborate with your business and bring you exclusive training that will prepare your organization for higher levels of efficiency and growth. Whether you have 1 employee or thousands, the skills in his programs will help them accomplish success, and build amazing management skills in the process. Jody Holland is a leader in building bold and successful cultures that result in increased engagement, retention, and profitability, Jody has helped thousands of companies achieve more success and fulfillment. He has had the opportunity to train and do business in 14 countries and all across the United States. Jody has worked with the Fortune 500 as well as small businesses from all industries. See what he can do for your business, employee and personal growth and register for an event today!

Leadership Coaching Certification

Thurs, July 20, 9:00 AM
Amarillo College West Campus
Lecture Hall, Amarillo, TX
Starts at $2500.00

Leadership Academy #2

Mon, Nov 1 - 3, 9:00 AM
WT Enterprise Center Training Room
Amarillo, TX
Starts at $1,097.00

Leadership Coaching Certification

The difference between success and failure in coaching comes down to having the right tools to get the job done. If you are trying to remove a bolt from a machine, but don't have the right tool, try as you may, you will spend you day in frustration and failure. For over 23 years, Jody Holland has been the coach to some of the top executives in business and industry. He has coached leaders in Fortune 50 companies, Fortune 500, and even family owned businesses. Throughout that time, he has perfected his craft of helping people become the best version of themselves possible at work. For the first time ever, Jody is certifying others to become a master Leadership Coach. In this two day event, he will guide you through the 50 most important coaching tactics, in the 5 key coaching categories. The tactics are the exact formula he has used with CEOs, Directors, Managers, and Supervisors to bring out the best in them and achieve the best for the organization. If you are ready to create a dynamic culture in your organization, this certification will prepare your leaders and managers to open up the psyche of their people, tune them to perfection, and release their greatness.

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