We Build the Leaders You Want to Follow!

A business cannot be successful long-term without strong leadership. Our training and coaching
programs cultivate those leaders. Since 1999 we have helped businesses across the country identify,
develop, and retain great leaders through our proprietary programs. With our leadership training, we
show you how to create the leaders your employees will want to follow, creating a harmonious
workplace. Elevate your business to the next level with our proven leadership development, coaching,
and training. Inquire today!

The simple truth is that people don't quit companies. They quit people! For more than 20 years, we have helped organizations to attract the right people, develop the leadership skills needed to retain those people, and create consistent and profitable success. At Jody Holland, Inc., we help you and your team become the leaders you would follow anywhere regardless of the struggle. If you are truly ready to become the "best place to work," and to lead your industry and your people, we are here to guide you into that greatness.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help your people become the leaders others want to follow. We do this by training your people on the critical skills of leadership necessary for success. Through our programs, we increase employee engagement and retention, increase productivity, and increase profitability. Through our various training programs, events and seminars, we help you bring out the best in your teams and your organization.



We do what we do because we believe every successful workplace begins with great leadership. A great workplace creates harmony both at work and outside of work.


Through training, seminars, executive coaching, and eLearning, we make leadership growth and development easy and fun.


We offer a variety of training programs, events, seminars, and coaching packages that are designed to build leadership and entrepreneurial skills.