The Journey. One of the things that has inspired me…

personal development personal growth seeking the journey the journey within Mar 07, 2023
A child going on a journey

One of the things that has inspired me over the years is the idea of knowing just a little bit more, the journey to greater knowledge. I have wanted to know more about leadership, more about finances, more about entrepreneurship, more about the industries I serve, just more. I remember the words of a former mentor of mine… “Fall in love with the journey of knowledge and you will always have something of value to offer.” When I have focused on loving the journey to greater knowledge, I have had the opportunity to serve in ever-increasing ways. But, when I have focused on the destination being the goal, I have felt empty at the finish line.

Early on in my career, I thought that making a certain amount of money would make me happy, but it didn’t. Then, I thought hitting a specific business target would make me happy, but it didn’t. Then I thought accomplishing something specific in my personal life would make me happy, but it didn’t either. I began to recognize that my mentor was more right than I could have imagined. What brought me joy was the journey toward knowledge, goals, and outcomes. It was always the journey that was exhilarating.

I think this is why so many entrepreneurs simply add new goals that will stretch them anytime they achieve a goal. This is why it is so challenging for people who have worked their whole lives to retire and “hang it up.” What people miss, what people need in their lives, is pursuit. It isn’t actually the attainment of that which we pursue that drives us. It is the chase itself. It is the idea of pushing ourselves a little further than we previously believed possible. Then, we push ourselves again.

So what is it that you love to pursue? Do you love to pursue knowledge? Do you love to pursue personal growth? Do you love to pursue the expansion of your business? Whatever it is, fall in love with the pursuit and you will have both the thrill of the struggle and the satisfaction of personal growth. Fall in love with the journey!

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