Who You Are Right Now is Not Far Away From Who You Want to Be

growth mindset ideal self potential self-belief self-evaluation Sep 26, 2023

When you picture your ideal self, do you think of that as an attainable reality? Sometimes it is difficult to imagine that we can actually achieve what we desire, but the key to moving forward toward that goal is the belief in self. Without a positive self-concept, you are holding yourself back from what you are capable of.

Once you have set your mind to something and you believe that you can achieve it, the next step is to take action. Even if you are implementing small habits gradually, it will make a big difference in who you can become. The gap between who you are right now and who you desire to be is not as daunting as it might seem. Either way, the image is created by and through you.

You hold the power over your thoughts and actions. What can you do today that will benefit you tomorrow? Be your own advocate, and be proactive in all that you do. Let go of any limiting beliefs that you might have, and learn to operate with a growth mindset. If you face any setbacks, look at them as opportunities to learn. Embrace the journey.

Your ideal self is much closer than you realize. Don’t just dream about it; live into your ideal self now. While you should give yourself some grace along the way, you should also hold yourself accountable for your actions and behaviors. Do something today that pulls you out of your comfort zone and contributes to the journey of becoming who you want to be. 


-Meghan Slaughter

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