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We offer products specifically designed to take your skills in connecting with others to the next level.  Whether you are seeking leadership, sales, supervision, or simply advancement on your ninja connection skills, we have you covered.

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This program teaches you the art and science of reading the facial structure of anyone in the world.  The science behind face reading is called physiognomy.  The art is in learning to combine features of the face to reveal the story the person has to tell based on what they have experienced in their life, who they are, and how they process the world.  This course will help you connect more quickly, adapt to the communication needs of anyone you meet, and become the kind of communicator others are jealous of.  For only $47, you can learn the skills of a master connector and be able to read anyone in 10 seconds or less as you master these skills! There are 5 key areas of the face that you must learn in order to read anyone.  This program covers... Thought patterns:  These are revealed in the forehead area and include whether a person is--emotional or logical decision-maker--uses street smarts or intellect to make decisions--whether they struggle in the beginning, middle, or end of projects with staying focused Projection into the world:  This is revealed in the eyes, eyebrows, and under-eye areas and tells you--if they rely on rules and systems--how to approach the person for best results--whether they size people up quickly or give them the benefit of the doubt--if they have unresolved emotional issues and which side of their life--and more Reflection of Self: This is revealed in the nose and cheekbone area of the face and explains--If they have defensiveness in their personality and when it began--If they are more independent or a team oriented--If they need to be kept in the loop--if they struggle with managing time or money--and more Self-Concept: This is revealed in the mouth and chin areas of the face and reveals--If they are introverted or extroverted--If they have the capacity for delayed gratification--How they judge or evaluate themselves in connection with others--and more Processing of Information and Feelings: This is revealed in the ears and explains--What type of information works best for this person for them to retain it--Whether they have had significant shifts in perception on either their work or personal sides of their life--What their love language is--and much more This course is full of great content that helps you understand, adapt to, and connect with anyone from anywhere in the world more skillfully.  Mastering face reading (physiognomy is the scientific name) positions you to be a better leader, better at sales, better at relationships, and better at anything requiring human interaction. We can't wait to see you in the course!


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