3 Key Factors Leaders Use To Define Reality

culture leadership mission vision Oct 22, 2022
3 hands symbolizing the 3 Key Factors Leaders Use To Define Reality

The first job of a leader is to define reality for their team. This doesn’t mean a leader redefines actual existence, though. It means that a leader defines the parameters within which we pursue success. From the models of work, to the profitability models, to the culture itself, leaders create the gameplan.

There are several key aspects of defining reality that must be addressed.

  1. What values will guide us on this journey? The values a team has will determine the lens through which they see the world. If the values are made clear, they can be used to color the reality employees will experience. It is ideal to keep your core values to no more than 3. When you have too many values, you really have no values. I once saw a company that listed out its 24 core values and lived by none of them. Leaders have to integrate those values into who they are and how they interact with their teams.

Values, actions, and outcomes are at the heart of leading a team to success. Take a little time to evaluate what will guide you to an incredible life as a leader.

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