Don't Let Stress Take the Reigns

advice coping life direction self-talk stress management Aug 22, 2023

The biological system that alerts us of danger and draws attention to something that requires action is the sympathetic nervous system. In other words, it is the system that is activated when we feel stressed. There are many stressors that trigger the production of cortisol, which creates a surge in energy, allowing the body to deal with stress easily. However, too much cortisol can have negative effects on the brain and the body.


Stress has been known to have lasting effects on our ability to regulate emotions, make logical decisions, recall memories, and regulate metabolism. When we experience high levels of stress, we often are not at our full capacity. We tend to get more agitated, lose sleep, and even lash out at times. These reactions can be unintentional and involuntary. This is why it is so important to address stress head-on. If we let our stress go untreated, our brains may physically be altered, and this can cause permanent damage to our ability to use certain functions, such as emotional reasoning and decision-making.


The experience of stress can be beneficial because it alerts the body of potential threats, but too much stress can become detrimental. When dealing with stress, we must learn what works for us as individuals. Not everyone will perceive the same stressors, and not everyone will benefit from the same coping mechanisms. Be kind to yourself and others as you navigate how to handle stress. We are all learning as we go.


If you are experiencing a lot of stress in your life right now, I urge you to focus on taking care of yourself. Prioritize self-care, pay attention to your self-talk, and remember that we are all on the ever-changing journey called life. 


-Meghan Slaughter


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