How to Set Your Employees Up for Success from the Start

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How to Set Your Employees Up for Success from the Start

To have a successful organization, you need to build successful teams. The investment in your employees starts from day one of their hire. Each department and each individual employee contributes to the overall success and functioning of the company, so you want to set them up with the right resources and training for them to do well.

The first 90 days after an employee is hired are critically important because the employee is acclimating to the company culture, building professional relationships, and learning about what is expected of them. If you have a well-established formal training program and you introduce the employee to people who can help guide them along the way, this will set the tone for how they will perform throughout their tenure and increase the likelihood that they will stay at the company. Especially in today’s business environment, people do not want to work for companies that do not invest in their growth and development.

A newly hired employee does not yet have a personal connection to the company, so there is not a strong sense of obligation in the beginning. If you don’t train them for their position, they will become frustrated, and there is a good chance that they will start looking for opportunities elsewhere. However, if you prioritize the onboarding process and demonstrate that you care about their success, they are likely to build an emotional tie to the organization. They will invest in you when you invest in them. On that note, it is just as important to continually train and develop your employees. This goes beyond new-hire training.

The business world is constantly changing and advancing, so you must equip your employees with up-to-date knowledge and resources. Training sessions might temporarily take time away from other projects, but the company will reap the benefits when they have a cohesive, successful team working together toward a common goal. Investing in the development of your people fosters a positive working environment, improves job satisfaction and employee engagement, and increases the company’s retention rate.

The vitality of a successful organization lies in its ability and commitment to building and nurturing successful teams. The investment in your people never ends because investing in their development means investing in the company’s future. Strive to cultivate an environment where every team member is a valued contributor to the company’s success.


-Meghan Slaughter

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