Leadership is a Craft that You're Never Done Improving Upon

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Leadership is a Craft that You're Never Done Improving Upon

Leaders are lifelong learners. I’ve said that before, but it’s easy to overlook. Once a person is put in a leadership position, they often think that they’ve accomplished all that they needed to. After all, the goal was to become a leader. However, being at the top doesn’t mean that you’re done developing. It requires continuous growth, a commitment to those that follow you, and a desire to learn every day.

The business world is ever-evolving, and you must learn to adapt to it. This might mean keeping up with current trends, adopting new technology, developing new systems, or changing your style of leadership to fit the needs of the organization. Leaders guide others, but they can also learn from them. If you are in a leadership position, pay attention to what your people have to offer and the things they have to say. They might steer you in a direction that you didn’t know was needed but that will increase the organization’s likelihood of success. The relationship between a leader and a follower should be mutually beneficial. This helps create trust, commitment, and engagement, and without these things, you won’t likely get far as a team. 

Leadership is a craft that you’re never done improving upon. When you demonstrate a commitment to your own self-development, others are more likely to follow suit. An important thing to remember is that leaders go first. Lead by example, demonstrate your expectations, and develop strong values that you can pass on to others. Exercise your brain every day by reading books, solving puzzles, meditating, learning a new language, or by doing anything else that challenges you. You never want to remain stagnant as a leader.

I encourage you to try to learn something new every day. Engage with your people, and be intentional about your self-development. Think of leadership like a seed. If you don’t water it often enough, it won’t grow into something for others to see and admire.


-Meghan Slaughter

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