The Power of Mentorship

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The Power of Mentorship

Most of the time in life, we don’t have all of the answers. There are plenty of things we don’t know but want to learn, and that’s when finding a mentor is extremely beneficial. A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor that guides you through the business landscape. They serve as a resource for information and can help you realize your full potential.

Mentors support growth, maintain accountability, provide feedback, and improve confidence. They can relate to the position you’re currently in because they have been there before. Like you, they had to invest in their own development, and they may have even had their own mentor. The connection that is formed between mentor and mentee can last a lifetime. As both individuals advance, they can learn from one another. A mentor differs from a leader in that they focus on the development of the individual, not the organization. The organization may benefit as a result, but the mentor might not have a vested interest in the business.

There will always be room to better yourself, so there is not necessarily an “end goal” when it comes to mentorship. Instead, it’s about the willingness to learn and grow under the guidance of another person. A mentor can be someone that you seek out intentionally or someone that you’re around often who naturally morphs into that role. There is tremendous value in finding a mentor or being one for someone else.

If you have never had a mentor or never thought about seeking one out, consider the benefits and the power of mentorship. Because a mentor has been through similar experiences, they are able to support your growth, build accountability, provide necessary feedback, and improve your overall confidence in your abilities. We are never done learning and growing. Be open to guidance from another person, and you might go further than you ever thought possible.


-Meghan Slaughter

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