Building Success by Building Teams

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Building Success by Building Teams

Organizational success is dependent on the people that make up the company. Success cannot be attributed to just one person, though a leader will encourage others and guide them in the right direction. Everyone plays an important role in the growth and success of the organization, and it would not take long to notice if a department was missing. Collaboration and cooperation are essential for creating a cohesive team.

The organization itself consists of one big team, but we also see a multitude of smaller teams within. Each department and level of employment within the organization represents a team that works together to achieve something. Then, the teams come together to contribute to the overall success of the organization. To have a cohesive team, a high level of trust and commitment must be developed. When conflict arises, team members address it proactively because they recognize that working together is much more effective than working against one another. Each individual team member is focused on the success of everyone else on their team, not just their own success.

Each individual brings a different perspective and their own unique strengths to the table. Teams are designed to highlight and make use of people’s differences. Where one person may lack, another person might excel. Maximizing team members’ strengths minimizes the organization’s vulnerabilities by covering its bases. An effective team is resilient and adaptable, and team members are not afraid to ask other members for help or support.

Building a well-functioning team helps create a sense of community, and thus increases employee engagement and job satisfaction. Remember that trust is the foundation for the development of a team, and without it, we cannot commit ourselves fully to the organization. 

Take some time each week to build the bond between team members. Whether that means having a weekly team lunch, implementing regular team-building exercises, or even just setting aside time for meaningful conversations, it is important to be intentional about team development. After all, if you want to build success, you must first build functional teams.


-Meghan Slaughter

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