Clarity Creates Success

clarity communication leadership Oct 24, 2022
Clarity Creates Success

One of the challenges employees faces is in understanding what their supervisors are asking of them. I have yet to meet a person that wants to fail in life. Of the thousands of people I have worked with, every single one of them wanted to succeed. It’s just that many of them weren’t sure what that meant in the context of their jobs.

Take, for example, the marketing director that is hired to “do marketing” for the company. To one person, that might mean creating brand awareness. For another, it might mean generating conversations that lead to sales. To others, it might mean sales themselves. Unless the leaders create clarity of direction, the only thing that will be achieved is confusion. By creating target outcomes with measurable steps, leaders can create a clear path to success. The components that must be addressed to create clarity are…

  1. What is the end result or outcome desired? If you can clearly articulate what success looks like, your people have a clear target.

Three simple steps can make all the difference in the world for your people. Take the time to map them out, communicate them clearly, and collaborate with your team to win.

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