Getting People to Perform in Business

advice business employee developement employee motivation high performance Aug 29, 2023

When people first start in business, they often give their very best. They want to live up to their résumés and recommendations, and they want to make a good impression. Their motivation is high, even if their skill might be low in the beginning. Through training and development, we are able to build upon their skills and guide them on the right path. Ultimately, we want people to have high motivation and high skill in their respective areas. 


In order to do that, we must set clear expectations, goals, and deadlines. Then, we must check in with our people and continue to encourage them along the way. Address when things go wrong, but more importantly, address when things are going right. People want to be recognized for their efforts. If they do not feel valued and appreciated, they will lose motivation for the company, and as such, they will not put forth any discretionary effort. We don’t want employees who will only do the bare minimum. We want people who will take the job seriously and perform at the highest level.


The motivation formula states that “Job Performance = Job Fit (Training and Ability) X Motivation.” How well a person fits with the company and how motivated they are to do the job will determine the performance they put out. If they are not a good fit, nor are they motivated, they will not perform. After all, anything times zero is still zero.


If you want people to perform, focus on attracting the right people, developing your current employees continually, and retaining top performers. Reward the people who are doing well, and either develop those who are not or encourage them to find another opportunity elsewhere. 


-Meghan Slaughter

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