The Rhythm of You

habit loop habits for success hypnotic rhythm lead yourself leadership Oct 08, 2022
The Rhythm of You

Each of us operates under a certain rhythm we have developed throughout our lives. Everyone is driven by this rhythm, but most never know what it is. The rhythm has been called a habit loop, daily patterns, preconscious thought, and a host of other labels. No matter what it is called, it is what drives the outcomes you achieve in your life. There are three primary aspects of your rhythm.

  1. Personal Growth — Your mindset toward growth will determine how far you go in life. An open mindset focused on possibilities for the future yields itself to an awareness of what isn’t working as well as a recognition of the patterns of success that do work. When we have this type of mindset, we face challenges by moving through the four stages of learning.
    a. Unconsciously Unskilled is a stage where we don’t know what we don’t know. It takes experiences to open our eyes to the reality that we have more to learn.
    b. Consciously Unskilled is a stage where we are now aware of what skill gaps exist for us and humble enough to know we need to seek growth and development to overcome the struggle.
    c. Consciously Skilled is a stage where we have read books, attended seminars, and learned the skills needed to overcome the challenge. This stage requires an intentional focus on a better outcome and the application of our new skills.
    d. Unconsciously Skilled is a stage where we have practiced and practiced the new skill while listening to feedback, and it has become an extension of who we are.

By looking at the values, actions, and results you want to be known for, you can then organize those into a statement. I am here to ________(action) to _______(accomplish result) because _______(description of my value driver).

When we are more intentional about these three aspects of our rhythm, we pull ourselves toward better patterns of behavior. When we simply allow the rhythms of other people’s thoughts, our circumstances, or any outside force to control us, we move into a negative rhythm and wrong behaviors. Be intentional about creating your rhythm of success.

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