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Jody Holland, Inc. and CBAI are excited to collaborate together to bring you great training that will prepare your organization for higher levels of success. Check out the Key 3 Programs below.

Harassment Prevention Training

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According to Forbes, if you want your team to perform at its highest potential, you start by training your managers. (Forbes, 2022). 

81% of why employees leave can be tracked back directly to how they are being managed. The skills of a great leader are the difference maker between thriving in this changing world and struggling continuously. In this 12-month program, participants will master the 4 key Roles of a Leader. They will learn to build connection and trust, lead themselves to set the pace for success, lead forward by creating the ideal behaviors in their teams, and achieve results through their teams.

The Leadership Academy helps you retain your people, engage their minds and hearts for performance, and increase your business success. This program has been used with teams from around the world to build the success of their managers and leaders, resulting in significant increases in profitability for the businesses. Join Today as a part of the Special CBAI Pricing!

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Follow-Up Materials From  Spring CDD

During the Spring CDD Conference, we discussed additional resources that would be helpful to you in developing your organization. This section contains the template for preparing a succession plan. We would typically couple this with the PXT Select (assessment), where we would create a success pattern for each position and then be able to match people up based on their fit to the position.

Succession Planning Template: 


Listening Exercise For Building Trust

We did a listening exercise as a part of the team-building / interactive learning portion of the day. You can download that exercise to be used with your team. One of the most effective things you can do to build your team is to continuously invest in their growth and development. Pay attention to what is going on with them and build an amazing culture for them to thrive in.

Download the Listening Exercise:


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Master the skills of a great leader and take the F.I.R.S.T.E.P. to success


The areas that the Leadership Academy helps to address are...

  • Feedback
  • Increasing revenue
  • Retention and development
  • Selecting the right people
  • Team compatibility
  • Engagement
  • Productivity
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